Generating an Excel Proofing Report

How to create an Excel Proofing Report from Pozotron Studio?

Pozotron Studio system provides an ability to create custom proofing reports for you and your team members who are working with you on the same audio project. Feel free to use the following steps to create your own proofing report:

  1. Log in to your Pozotron Studio account.

  2. Open the project you want to create the proofing report for.

  3. Choose the chapter with the annotations you made while checking the project and open the proofing by clicking on the Open Proofing button:

  4. You can see all the annotations you made on the screen’s left side in the opened window. If you add different tags to annotations on who should make the correction - narrator, editor, or proofer, while reviewing the chapter, you will also find them in the same window:

  5. If everything looks good on your end, you should go back to the Pozotron Studio Page and find the Import/Export button in the upper-right corner of the screen, click on it and choose the Proofing Report in the drop-down list of items under the Export option:

  6. After that, the Export Book Report window will be opened automatically. You are welcome to personalize the export book report to your needs by choosing the amount of narration context you’d like to see (just several words, the current sentence, or several sentences around each pickup). You can also set the timestamps to be from the start of each individual audio file, or from the start of the whole project. Once you are ready, click on the Export button:

  7. The report will be generated and downloaded to your computer automatically. When the Export is finished, you can find the report in the download folder with the same file name your project has in the system:

  8. When you open the downloaded report, you will see a few tabs - the full proofing report and separate tabs for each tag you added before - @editing, @proofing, and @narrator:

  9. You can find all the pickups the system did under the Pickup Details segment that consists of the following items:
    • TAGS
    • NOTES
    • PAGE
  10. In you need to quickly go back to the Project in the system - you are welcome to use the PROJECT LINK at the top of the excel proofing file:

You are also welcome to watch the video tutorial about the Excel Proofing Report Generation on our Youtube Channel.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email us at

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