Enterprise Plans

Publisher-Level Subscriptions

Contact us if you plan on producing more than 7 books per month on a single account, and/or if you’d like Pro Tools markers import and export integration.

We have significantly discounted rates depending on the number of hours you plan on processing per month.

Publisher 100 - Call for discount pricing: for 100 hours included Approx. 15 books/month

Publisher 300 - Call for discount pricing: for 300 hours included Approx. 50 books/ month

Publisher 600 - Call for discount pricing: for 600 hours included Approx. 150 books/month

Publisher plans include all DAWs we support - ProTools, Audition, Reaper, Studio One, Hindenburg, Twisted Wave, SoundForge, and Audacity, plus access to our API

Feel free to email us at hello@pozotron.com for switching to one of the Publisher plans.

Professional Plans
Script Prep Pricing