Creating Your First Project

It's easy to start your first proofing project with Pozotron.

If you don’t have any material to work with right away, feel free to download our demo packet. It includes a script and some chapters so you can get a feel for how the studio works.

Pozotron demo packet

Our latest YouTube tutorial playlist gets you set from project creation onward.

Press the Create New Project Button

  • Give your new project a clear title
  • Select your script file. This can be a PDF, .docx file, or Epub. Generally, PDFs work the best, but the other types are supported.
  • The cleaner the copy of your script is, the easier it will be for you to work with in the transcription and reporting stages.
  • Once the script is uploaded, you can enter into the project to start uploading your narration.
  • If there is any issue at all uploading this script, visit our Script Troubleshooting FAQ or contact us at ‘’ and we’ll fix the situation

Account Creation
Upload Your First Chapter