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Did you know Pozotron has an Affiliate Program? This program allows Pozotron users to refer their friends and colleagues to our service, and in return they will be compensated with free Pozotron credits and 10% of the referee’s payments to Pozotron in cash!

A “Referral” is a new Pozotron user, who used your referral link to go to the Pozotron Studio service and create an account. Go to https://studio.pozotron.com/profile/referrals to get your personal referral link and see a list of the accounts you have referred to Pozotron.

Anyone who registers an account with Pozotron without a referral code gets 1 hour of free proofing credits. Users who join via your referral link will get 6 additional free hours on registration, so 7 hours total. These credits can be used by the minute, so you can upload a few small chapters to get an idea of how the tool works.

Asking your students, customers, or colleagues to sign up via your referral link gets them an immediate benefit of enough free credits to proof their next audiobook. And it also lets us track those registrations to your account.

Referral Benefit – Commission Payments We pay our Affiliates a 10% cash commission on any successfully billed usage that your referrals use, for a period of 13 months from their date of the creation of their Pozotron account. We will pay out referral benefits on a quarterly basis via a mailed check. (We will calculate and send payments by January 15th, April 15th, July 15th, and October 15th for the previous quarters)

E.g. suppose someone signs up with your referral link on January 1st. On January 7th, they upgrade to a Narrator Plan and use 15 hours of proofing per month. They will get their first bill of $99 on February 7th, and we will consider that first bill, through next year’s January 7th bill as eligible for the 10% commission (so 12 total billing cycles).

Referral Benefit - Credits In addition to the cash commission payable for successfully billed usage by your referrals, you will also earn Pozotron credits for the following:

  • 60 minutes of credits anytime one of your referrals uploads their first audio chapter to Pozotron Studio
  • 120 minutes of credits anytime one of your referrals makes their first successful billed usage (purchase) in Pozotron Studio

How to Sign Up Please email hello@pozotron.com to get set up with as an Affiliate. All we need is your W-9 form and your preferred method of payment (check or Paypal) and you’ll be good to go!

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