Transferring OK Annotations

How to transferred previously OKed annotations into your 2nd Pozotron QC Pass

For customers that run their audio files through Pozotron for a second QC pass after pickups have been edited into the audio file, Pozotron has released a new feature allowing users to transfer annotations OKed in the first QC pass into the second QC pass, meaning you won’t have to re-click OK on any annotations OKed already in your first QC pass.

When you upload your audio file(s) for your second QC pass, Pozotron will automatically recognize your upload as a second QC pass, and provide your account credits under our Reupload Credit Policy. Once your audio files have finished processing, a dialog box will open up prompting you to select your chapter files to “Transfer OK Annotations”.

Transfer OK Annotations

Select the checkbox beside any chapters for which you’d like to automatically OK any annotations from the first QC pass, then click Transfer Selected and your annotations will be automatically OKed in your second QC pass. You will receive a confirmation notification in the top right of your window showing you the number of annotations that have been automatically marked as “OK”. Then, you’ll click “Open Proofing” and will only need to pay attention to new annotations created by Pozotron’s proofing algorithm.

If you have any issues about this feature or anything else, please contact the Pozotron customer support team at

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