Upload Your First Chapter

It's easy to start your first proofing project with Pozotron.

If you don’t have any material to work with right away, feel free to download our demo packet. It includes a script and some chapters so you can get a feel for how the studio works.

Once you’ve created your first project, the next step is to upload your chapter audio. Please keep the following things in mind:

  • Pozotron does best when you have one chapter recorded per audio file.
  • Pozotron accepts audio files in .mp3, .wav, and .flac formats
  • The maximum length for a file is 120 minutes - you’ll have to split your file up if it’s longer than this.

To get started, open your project to get inside. From there, you can either drag and drop your audio files on the region shown or click on the “Drag and Drop” message to open a file picker window.

Files start processing right after you add them to your project. Go grab a cup of coffee and come back, and you’ll be ready to roll.

Users have very different workflows when it comes to using Pozotron, but you can see the basics of how to proof in Pozotron to get started.


There are a few potential potential issues Pozotron users occasionally face with audio uploads. For more information check out our helpful video on how to Troubleshoot Audio Upload Issues.

Creating Your First Project
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