How does the Pozotron Studio benefit you?

Let's count the ways

If you’d like to dive right in, ask to download our quick-start demo packet. It includes a short script and the recordings to go with it. This gives you a chance to see how the Pozotron system works without having to decide what of you own material to upload. This demo packet doesn’t count against your account hours, and gives you a chance to see the Studio in realtime action. We also have a link to a video stepping you through uploading and analyzing the demo materials, so you can have a hands-on, guided first experience. For a more thorough introduction, read the explanations below.

Pozotron gives you accuracy-checking super-powers and makes clean and thorough pickup reports. Upload your script and recorded narration to Pozotron, and see the mismatches between the two in minutes.

For everyone:

  • Ensuring 99% text accuracy when checking for misreads prior to final publication.
  • Backing up even the best listeners to get an extra set of ears on the job.
  • Finding any missing or duplicated sections of audio.
  • Letting listeners do a full quality check without needing to use an overcomplicated DAW or multiple open programs.

For production houses:

  • Having a central collaboration zone between narrators, proofers, authors, publishers, and pronunciation experts.
  • Creating fast, accurate, and customizeable pickup reports.
  • Separating multi-narrator projects into appropriate packets for delivery.
  • Searching for text and immediately finding it in the audio.
  • Quickly finding character references by searching for names in the transcription text.

For narrators:

  • Checking misread rates early on in the production process.
  • Dramatically reducing the number of pickups before sending audio to an editor, client, or publisher
  • Options for collaborative script prep with authors and rights-holders, including deep pronunciation research tools

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