How does the Pozotron Studio benefit you?

Let's count the ways

A great place to start learning about Pozotron is by watching our most updated YouTube tutorial playlist.

After that, if you’d like to dive right in, ask to download our quick-start demo packet. It includes a short script and the recordings to go with it. This gives you a chance to see how the Pozotron system works without having to decide what of your own material to upload.

For a more thorough introduction, read the following.

Pozotron gives you accuracy-checking super-powers and makes clean and thorough pickup reports. Upload your script and recorded narration to Pozotron, and see the mismatches between the two in minutes.

For everyone:

  • Ensuring 99% text accuracy when checking for misreads prior to final publication.
  • Showcasing a pronunciation guide tool that can save hours per project of prep work.
  • Backing up even the best listeners to get an extra set of ears on the job.
  • Finding any missing or duplicated sections of audio.
  • Letting listeners do a full quality check without needing to use an overcomplicated DAW or multiple open programs.
  • Giving a ‘scan occurrences’ option to find and time-stamp every instance of a word in a book

For production houses:

  • Having a central collaboration zone between narrators, proofers, authors, publishers, and pronunciation experts.
  • Creating fast, accurate, and customizeable pickup reports.
  • Separating multi-narrator projects into appropriate packets for delivery.
  • Searching for text and immediately finding it in the audio.
  • Quickly finding character references by searching for names in the transcription text.

For narrators:

  • Checking misread rates early on in the production process.
  • Dramatically reducing the number of pickups before sending audio to an editor, client, or publisher
  • Options for collaborative script prep with authors and rights-holders

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