Feature Release Log

How Is Pozotron Improving This Week?

The team here is always adding new features to our Pozotron Studio service. If you have a feature idea or request, please contact us or email us at hello@pozotron.com.

Change Log - June 29, 2021:

Pronunciation Research Enhancements

  • Users can now create an “Always Ignore” list for pronunciation research on their User Profile Page. Words added to this list will not be suggested by Pozotron for research.
  • Users can now transfer pronunciation research between projects using the Transfer Research option under the Import/Export menu in the Pronunication Research page
  • Users can now search words with a single click in OneLook.com
  • Research words annotated using Scan Occurrences now are automatically annotated for new chapters uploaded to the same project after the annotation button is clicked
  • The Pronunciation Research sharing feature has been updated to allow project collaborators to review and update phonetic spelling and pronunciation recordings.

Change Log - June 21, 2021:

Script Preparation Enhancements

  • Users can now export a marked up pdf with all Pronunciation Research words highlighted and the phonetic spelling included for each word as a note

Proofing Enhancements

  • Improved functionality for Logic-Pro audio files

Change Log - June 10, 2021:

Proofing Enhancements

  • Users can now download all pickup audio in a single MP3 file by exporting the “Snippets Audio” file.

Change Log - May 31, 2021:

Proofing Enhancements

  • Reuploaded chapters granted the Reupload Credits will now feature a REUPLOAD symbol
  • Users can now click on the clock on the proofing page to type a time to jump to in the audio playback
  • Filter Out function performance has been improved
  • Improvements added for handling superscripts and subscripts

Pronunciation Guide

  • Annotations added through the Scan Occurences feature can now include custom notes and automatically includes the phonetic pronunciation from Pronunciation Research feature
  • Scan Occurences now includes chapter names in addition to timestamps for all word mentions
  • Instructions added to the shareable Pronunciation Packet

Project Management

  • Pickup packets, Proofing reports, and DAW markers can now be exported by chapter
  • Project Pages now include improved chapter proofing status communication
  • Chapter Reordering bug has been resolved

General Updates

  • Billing excel exports now include column data for PFH rates and number of hours uploaded, listed by project
  • Improved error messaging

Change Log - May 3, 2021:

General Updates

  • ISBN/Project ID can now handle up to 17 characters
  • Improved messages for audio validation errors
  • Amended logic for automatic reupload credits for Pozotron user accounts sharing a billing account

Change Log - April 19, 2021:

See the video demonstration here - Pozotron April 19th Updates

Proofing Enhancements

  • Pozotron Studio now supports DAW marker import/export with Twisted Wave
  • Users can now manually create chapters without a manuscript file uploaded into a project
  • Users can now easily create a “noise” custom annotation by highlighting text in the proofing pane and clicking the “n” key on the keyboard.
  • Annotations for long pauses can now be auto-filtered to ignore future annotations of shorter length pauses

Pronunciation Guide

  • Users can now export a shareable html pronunciation research list for other project stakeholders by clicking the blue share button in their pronunciation research project

General Updates

  • Pozotron’s API now supports C#

Change Log - April 12, 2021:

  • For a video summarizing many of the new features released April 12, 2021 please click here

General Updates

  • Pozotron’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policies have been updated
  • Swedish is now supported for Pozotron Studio proofing

Project Management

  • Clear warning message added for chapters with large amounts of duplicated or missing text in proofing
  • Excel proofing reports now have pickup IDs matching the html pickup packet IDs
  • Users can now download chapter audio files using the settings menu beside each chapter name in the My Projects page
  • Users can now rename chapters by clicking the pencil icon beside chapter names in the My Projects page
  • Users can now show/hide archived projects more easily
  • Users with Publisher Access now have batch archive actions available in the My Projects page
  • Users can now reset a project to the state it was when audio was first uploaded in the project settings menu on the My Projects page


  • Users can now toggle proofing annotations between OK (A key) and Pickup (S key) while proofing audio
  • Users can now toggle the audio timer in proofing between time remaining and time elapsed while proofing audio
  • Users can now jump to sections of the audio by typing in the numerical timer while proofing audio

Pronunciation Guide

  • Users can now create proofing annotations from the Scan Occurences section of the Pronunciation Research tool
  • Users can now delete pronunciation recordings using the red X button in the Pronunciation Research tool
  • Users can now see all mentions of a word found in the audio using Scan Occurences in the Pronunciation Research tool
  • Warning message added for users with screens smaller than 1600 x 768 when Adding Suggestions in Pronunciation Research Tool

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