Pickup Packet

How to create and export a pickup packet?

  1. Click on the Import/Export Button on your Project page and choose a pickup packet in the drop-down list of options:

  2. In the opened window, you can personalize the export book report to your needs by choosing the custom points - Timestamps or Narration Context. Once it’s done click on the Export button:

  3. When the Export is finished you can find the packet in the download folder with the same folder name your project has in the system:

  4. Once you open the folder you will see a couple of html files with the full file - Index.html and some files with fixes for the editors or narrators that you did during the proofing process - Editinig.html, and the MP3 folder with the several MP3 files for each pickup that was previously identified as Need To Fix:

Pay attention to the names of the MP3 files as the first part is the name of the Chapter that was uploaded, and the second part with the numbers at the end of the name is the timestamp for the pickup.

You are also welcome to watch the video tutorial about the Pickup Packet usage on our Youtube Channel.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach out to us at hello@pozotron.com.

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