Manual Chapter Creation

Creating chapters if you don't have a PDF, DOCX, or EPUB manuscript.

Most of the time, you will have a PDF, DOCX (Microsoft Word), or EPUB manuscript that you are proofing against. In those cases, please refer to our guide on Creating your First Project.

However, if you don’t have access to one of these formats, then you can use this manual chapter creation process. This can be helpful if your file was somehow not compatible, or you’d like direct control over the exact text to be used during our proofing process.

  • Create a new project, but don’t upload a manuscript file.
Create a project without specifying a manuscript file.
  • Press the “Manually Create Chapter” button
Create a manual chapter project.
  • Set a title, then use your computer’s copy-and-paste functionality (CTRL+C then CTRL+V) to copy paste the text from your source into the text box which is presented. You can preserve formatting, so things like headlines, bold, and italic text will persist into your final project.
Enter all of the fields.
  • Press the Create button, and your chapter will process as normal, comparing your audio against exactly the text which was specified in this process.

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