Book Project Sharing Permissions

Use Pozotron to collaborate with your team!

Pozotron allows all users to share their projects with unlimited numbers of their staff, consultants, rights holders, and colleagues to their project and manage their access levels.

To manage the users with access to your project, please click the blue Share button in the top right of your Pozotron project.

Action View and Edit Proofing Only Research Only View Only
View Book List
View Book Details
Edit Book Details
Create Chapters (Upload Audio)
Share Books & Projects
Import/Export DAW Markers
Delete Books/Projects
Archive Books/Projects/Chapters
Reset Books/Projects
View Pronunciation Guides
Edit Pronunciation Guides
View Character Voice Guides
Edit Character Voice Guides
View Chapter Proofing
Edit Chapter Proofing

For more information about Pozotron’s Enterprise Permissions feature and Publisher plans, please contact us at

Enterprise Permissions Roles and Access
Chapter Archiving and Project Deletion

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