PDF OCR Errors

How to fix a PDF error with Optical Character Recognition.

Occasionally a PDF manuscript uploaded into Pozotron Studio will show up with missing text, distorted text, or symbols in place of certain letters. This issue is caused by an error in the PDF document, either the pdf is locked for editing or another setting is preventing Pozotron’s PDF parser from reading it properly. Most pdf manuscripts with OCR errors will show the following error message:

OCR error message

Users can test this by highlighting some text in the PDF, copy it, and paste it into notepad or Microsoft Word. It will not paste properly, showing the same missing/distorted text or symbols in place of letters.

To resolve an OCR issue with a PDF script, follow the steps below or watch this how-to video by our Director of Outreach Ryan Hicks.

  1. If you have the script in a different format (e.g. .docx), please upload that version into Pozotron by creating a new project.
  2. Run your original PDF through an OCR software, and reupload them into Pozotron by creating a new project. Here are two resources you can follow to do this through Adobe Acrobat or Google Drive

If following the steps above do not resolve your issue, please contact the Pozotron Support Team at help@pozotron.com.

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