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A Faster and Easier Way to
Ensure Audiobook Excellence

By simplifying the many steps involved in creating audiobooks
and scripted audio productions, Pozotron makes your audiobook productions more
efficient and ensures you are delivering the high quality books your listeners

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Focus Your Energy on Creativity

Our AI-powered proofing tool catches and tracks missed words, added words,
misreads, and unintentionally long pauses, and other distracting issues,
allowing your proofers to concentrate on the finer details of performance and tone.

Used by Scripted Audio Pros Everywhere

Pozotron has Many Use
Cases for Audiobook

  • checkmarkNarrators can complete pronunciation research and character planning faster and more efficiently, stopping pickups before recording even starts.
  • checkmarkProofers can sync the audio and text, improve accuracy, and have a convenient interface.
  • checkmarkEditors can generate pickup packets with ease and be sure that no pickups requirements are missed.
  • checkmarkManagement can achieve transparency into the QC process.
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AI Algorithm

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Audio Proofing &
Reporting Tools

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Pickup Recording

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