We help the world’s biggest brands integrate high-quality emotional speech into their products.

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  • Focus on your core product, let us deliver the voice.
  • New deep learning technology allows for emotional voices with character.
  • API runs locally on embedded devices, no cloud connection needed.
  • Team

    Jake Poznanski Profile Picture

    Jake Poznanski

    Founder with 7 years of experience in startups. Sold last venture to create Pozotron. He writes the main TTS engine code.

    Ian Roberts Profile Picture

    Ian Roberts

    Ian brings his expertise with Python and deep learning, and focuses on backend tasks and new research directions.


    Pozotron is developing a new kind of text-to-speech framework based on deep learning technology. This framework will deliver high quality, emotional speech, and run on low power embedded devices. It will be licensed to major companies who are developing products with voice services.

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    We would love to hear from you. Send us a mail to admin@pozotron.com or fill out the form.