Scripted Audio Production, 

Pozotron Studio is an AI-powered software suite that cuts 
hours from the audiobook, voiceover, and scripted 
audio production process.

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The Fastest Way to Ensure 
Audiobook and VO Excellence

Pozotron’s tools significantly reduce production stresses and costs while increasing audio quality 
at the same time. Pozotron Studio uses state of the art technology to make the people involved in audio 
production more efficient and accurate, not to replace them with automated technology.

Focus on Building

Your Core

Pozotron allows you to focus on the important 
things to you, your work, and your creativity.

  • Eliminate Manual Tasks

    Streamline the manual effort required to produce pickup 
    reports, generate DAW marker files, perform pronunciation 
    research, and do script preparation using Pozotron’s 
    automated exporting functions.

  • Peace of Mind About Accuracy

    Never worry about misreads making it through to 
    publication again as Pozotron highlights misreads, inserted 
    words, missed words, and long pauses, acting as a backup 
    to even the most experienced proofers.

  • Emphasize Creative Elements

    Pozotron’s accuracy checking algorithm takes care of 
    catching the word mismatches, so your mind is freed up to 
    focus on the creative elements like tone, performance, and 
    character consistency.