Pozotron develops advanced software for computer speech processing.

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  • Focus on your core product and content.
  • Benefit from speech technology powered by deep learning.
  • Enhance your workflow and productivity.
  • Team

    Jake Poznanski Profile Picture

    Jake Poznanski

    A founder with 7 years of experience in startups, Jake sold his last venture to create Pozotron.

    Kostya Glushak Profile Picture

    Kostya Glushak

    Our cofounder Kostya holds a Masters of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics. His Ph.D. research studies speech emotion recognition.

    Ian Roberts Profile Picture

    Ian Roberts

    Ian brings his expertise with Python and deep learning, and focuses on backend tasks and new research directions.

    Ahad Rana Profile Picture

    Ahad Rana

    With his deep industry expertise, Ahad provides mentorship and advice to the Pozotron team.


    Pozotron has been developing computer speech technology powered by deep learning since 2017. The latest research in machine learning technology shows that major advances in speech technology are possible. Our goal is to deliver useful advances in this field to production.


    • Pozotron Studio — Automatically proof your voiceover and narration content

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