• The best producers demand accurate proofs, fast Jennifer, I've got an idea!
  • Even the best narrators get tired of hearing their own voice
  • “Corrections can be caught and corrected within the same session, making vocal matching for pickups less of an issue. As both a narrator and a producer, I love it!” Becky Parker Geist, Pro Audio Voices
  • “I am pretty good at proofing my own work but this software still found things I missed-it gets me 1 step closer to the perfection I aim for.” Jennifer Fournier
  • “Anyone in my business knows how embarrassing and time consuming those little patches are. Thanks for a needed Professional Product.” Jim Bratton

How it works

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Ever had to replace a mispronounced name after you already narrated your whole project?


  • 4 to 6 times faster than traditional proofing
  • Collaborate with your proofers and editors
  • Get results back within hours, the same day
  • Import PDF, DOCX, and EPUB formats


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    Are you a publisher proofing many books per month?

How Pozotron usually fits into audiobook production workflow

NARRATORS: Finding the Right Voice
RECORDING: Capturing the Story
EDITING: Shaping the Sound
MASTERING: Finishing Touches
QUALITY CONTROL: Ensuring Perfection


  • What does Pozotron do?
    • Pozotron Studio listens for missing words and phrases, flipped words, and duplicated sentences in your narration. It can also find each place a word appears in your script, giving you timecodes in case you need to fix a mispronunciation.
  • Does Pozotron replace a human proofer?
    • No, it’s like a second set of robotic ears: really good at listening for exact script accuracy, but you still want a human to make the judgment calls.
  • How do I use Pozotron?
    • Head over to www.pozotron.com and make an account. We offer several types of billing plans for the service.
  • Can I just buy a copy of Pozotron software outright?
    • Sorry, no. It’s because it requires a lot of computing power. For example, proofing a chapter on a typical laptop would take 20-40 hours running at full blast, but we rent high powered servers for our customers on demand.
  • How quickly will I have my proofing ready?
    • Most chapters are ready within 60 minutes. You can have your narrator do their pickups the same day!


  • Jake Poznanski

    Jake Poznanski

    A founder with 7 years of experience in startups. Jake sold his last venture to create Pozotron

  • Kostya Glushak

    Kostya Glushak

    Our cofounder Kostya holds a Masters of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics. His Ph.D. research studies speech emotion recognition.

  • Ian Roberts

    Ian Roberts

    Ian brings his expertise with Python and deep learning, and focuses on backend tasks and new research directions.

  • Ahad Rana

    Ahad Rana

    With his deep industry expertise, Ahad provides mentorship and advice to the Pozotron team.

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