Audiobook quality control, simplified

Pozotron brings a faster way to assure audiobook excellence

Peace of mind about accuracy

Never worry about misreads making it through to publication again. Our program catches everything and acts as a backup to even the most experienced proofers.

Emphasize the human element

We take care of catching the word mismatches, so your mind is freed up to focus on the human elements — tone, performance, and character consistencies to name a few.

Streamline your reporting

We designed narrator pickup reports for streamlined creation, collaboration, export, and ease of use.


Mistake detection

Pozotron highlights missing words and phrases, flipped words, and duplicated sentences in your narration

Word searching for endemic issues

Find each place a word appears in your script, with timecodes, instead of endless manual inspection

Nothing missed

Back up your human proofers with Pozotron algorithms and catch all the tricky stuff like long pauses or pluralization

Friendly interface

Upload PDF, DOCX, and EPUB files from one computer, and check them anywhere, flagging the hits you need to fix

Skip the boring stuff

Leave the monotonous work like checking for duplicated phrases to Pozotron; focus on what you do best — prooflistening

Pozotron is a webapp that runs in your browser

How it works

Import your script and audio

Get your files processed

Review your corrections

Fit Pozotron into your audiobook production workflow

  1. Casting: Finding the Right Voice
  2. Recording: Capturing the Story
  3. Pozotron magic
  4. Editing: Shaping the Sound
  5. Mastering: Finishing Touches
  6. Pozotron magic
  7. Quality control: Ensuring Perfection


  • "Throughout my 11 years in the audiobook industry, I have never worked with a service as intuitive and responsive as Pozotron.

    Deyan Audio has been using Pozotron since July of 2019, and since day 1 we have seen positive results. Our workflow has become more streamlined as we implement Pozotron passes into more of the production stages. Our management and administrative hours that were needed per project have decreased by 70%. Not only is Pozotron an extremely powerful tool for catching errors and making your productions better, it’s a great tool for post production engineers to learn from. With a little creativity and testing, we have found it to be impactful in production stages that weren’t obvious or assumed.

    I especially appreciate the impeccable support the customer service team provides. They are responsive, flexible, and transparent with their communication. The team always listens to our requests, and has been able to grant most of them, which has been a pleasant surprise!

    I would recommend Pozotron to anyone who wants to take their audiobook productions to the next level."

    Jamie Robert Dupras
    Production Manager, Deyan Audio
  • “We are extremely happy with Pozotron's solution and responsiveness to change.

    By refactoring our audio proofing process, and integrating Pozotron at key stages, Blackstone Publishing was able to reduce its audio proofing time by an average of 33%, while improving our catch-rate for issues.

    The gRPC API allows us to create and manage our Pozotron projects from within our ERP system, making it possible for our engineers, editors and proofers to use the tools they are already familiar with. The annotation results and audio alignments are used in other parts of our production process, extending the usefulness of the Pozotron data beyond just proofing.

    Pozotron excels at identifying misreads, allowing our Human proofers to focus on the more nuanced issues with audiobook narration.”

    Geoff Jukes
    IT Director at Blackstone Publishing
  • “Corrections can be caught and corrected within the same session, making vocal matching for pickups less of an issue. As both a narrator and a producer, I love it!”

    Becky Parker Geist
    Pro Audio Voices
  • “I am pretty good at proofing my own work but this software still found things I missed-it gets me 1 step closer to the perfection I aim for.”

    Jennifer Fournier
    Voices of Today
  • “Anyone in my business knows how embarrassing and time consuming those little patches are. Thanks for a needed Professional Product.”

    Jim Bratton


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