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About Us

About Pozotron Inc.

Pozotron Inc. is a growth-stage startup that has built an AI-powered audio
proofing software platform designed to help narrators, proofers, and publishers
produce more accurate, efficient, and profitable audiobooks.
Pozotron eliminates
many of the inefficient tasks involved in audiobook production to allow narrators,
editors, and producers to focus on maximizing the creative and performance
elements of their audiobooks.

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To improve how audiobooks are produced by augmenting traditional menial and
inefficient production methods with state-of-the-art technology, therefore providing
audiobook professionals with the tools to achieve their maximum potential in
regards to performance, creativity, and freedom.


Pozotron will be an indispensable part of audiobook production at numerous points
of the production process. Pozotron will become synonymous with audiobook
accuracy, efficiency, and quality.

Our Company Values

  • Speed

    It feels as if using Pozotron in a web-browser is
    faster than many native-apps. There are no
    unnecessary delays, and stuff happens
    instantly when a user gives a command.

  • Simplicity

    It doesn’t take long to learn how to use
    Pozotron. The UI is consistent and intuitive.
    Pozotron provides easy to use tutorials
    and instructions.

  • Magic

    Our algorithms are the best in the world,
    and it feels like what we can do is magic
    to help our clients be more effective,
    accurate, and profitable.

  • Respect

    Customers and their data are treated with
    respect. Unnecessary tracking cookies aren’t
    used, unsolicited mailings will not be too
    frequent, and an unsubscribe request
    will be quickly acted upon.

  • Engagement

    We work in a small industry, so our sales
    and marketing teams must engage at a
    deeper level with our customers. That means
    building and retaining long-term relationships.

  • Value

    Pozotron’s products and team members
    deliver value to our customers. Every
    interaction brings help, information, or an
    improvement to a production workflow.