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AI Algorithm

Pozotron believes in the power of technology and AI to make humans more efficient, 
accurate, and effective, not to replace them.

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Does Not:

  • Use your data to create an AI likeness
    of your voice
  • Sell or share your data to any third parties
  • Replace human proofers or editors with

Pozotron’s Technology

What is AI?

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AI Algorithm Technology


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a complicated topic with many applications across a
diverse set of industries. From your phone’s automated personal assistant (Siri or
Alexa), the suggestions algorithm on Netflix, to your Roomba vacuum, AI tools are all
around us. However, when people hear the term AI, they often think of Skynet from
the Terminator series or Ultron from the Avengers, robots or human-like machines
intent on destroying the Earth and the human race. However, this is simply a fictional
hyperbole designed to sell books and movies. AI is defined as a computer system
(or algorithm) that has been designed by humans for the purpose of executing a
task to benefit humans.

Pozotron’s AI Algorithm

In the case of Pozotron, our developers created an AI system designed to solve a
particular task – identify discrepancies between a text manuscript and narrated
audio. Pozotron’s proprietary automatic speech recognition (“ASR”) algorithm uses
machine learning to match an audiobook’s manuscript to the recorded narration,
outputting a list of suggested discrepancies between the manuscript text and the
audio file. Pozotron’s algorithm is based on thousands of hours of paired audio
narration and manuscript texts, and can reliably determine more than 99% of
misspoken, missed, and inserted characters, words, and phrases in an audiobook.