Audio Analysis

Audio submission specs from audiobook distributors can often be
difficult to understand, evaluate, and match. Pozotron has an
automated Audio Analysis tool that will assess your mastered audio
files and test them against the submission specs of the world’s most
popular audiobook distributors.

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Audio Analysis

How It

Once your mastered audio files are uploaded to Pozotron, they will be tested to
ensure compliance with the following specs:

  • Audio Channel
  • Sample Rate
  • True Peak
  • RMS
  • Sample Peak
  • Loudness (LUFS)
  • Noise Floor
  • Room Tone (Top & Tail)
  • Constant BitRate
  • File Size & Length

These specs will be tested against your custom distribution specs, or the published
submission specifications of ACX, Author’s Republic, Audiobooks Unleashed,
Findaway, and more.